• June 25, 2022

Are you a fan of nail art? There are so many creative ways to decorate your nails that using polish alone seems limited. Some of these designs, however, are quite complex so you might have to visit a nail salon to get them printed. For now, let’s talk about some unique ideas and what’s out there.

Here are some gorgeous clear nails with designs that have become quite popular nowadays. And don’t worry, unlike tattoos, nail coloring comes off quite easily. You can pick a new flavor every week!

15 Gorgeous Clear Nails with Design

#1. Clear Stamp Nail Art


Image source: Pinterest

Clear nail stamp art has become a popular alternative to using nail polish. It’s more decorative and the opportunities for detail are endless. You can use a translucent polish to paint your nails with a reflective tint and add a flower stamp, or hearts, or a smiley face in ink.

These designs are easy to achieve at home with the right materials. Here’s a cool design idea that makes it look like there are goldfish trapped in the nails.

#2. Just The Tips


Image source: Pinterest

One of the annoying things about nails is that they never stop growing. Imagine investing effort and money into making your nails look pretty but it only lasts a month.

Painting only the tips is a great option that can save you both time and money. It’s also easy to achieve at home, and there’s still a lot of scope for creativity. You can give it a gradient effect or choose solid colors that contrast each other like in the design below.

#3. Gold Details


Image source: Pinterest

Nothing exudes prestige like the color gold to add some glamor to your nails. While painting the entire nail gold would be too showy, it’s better to include the color gold in the form of minor details.

There are several ways you can go about including gold details in your design. Painting the white-colored tips of your nail is a good start. You can add some clear nail designs underneath to complement it.

#4. Animal Print


Image source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love animals? People keep pictures of their pets with them all the time. Sometimes it’s in their wallet or on their phone wallpaper. Ever thought of keeping a picture of your dog or cat with you on your nails?

It’s a pretty complex design, so you will have to make an appointment at a specialist salon, and you can expect it to cost a small fortune. But it’s worth it. You can keep your pet or your spirit animal with you at all times.

#5. A Pop of Color


Image source: Pinterest

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of color. In fact, it only makes sense to add at least some color to your nail design. Your nails are practically canvases growing on your fingers. They need some color, too.

There’s something about monochromatic designs that suggest class in today’s designer trends. A good styling option would be to only use one color. As the title suggests, the design only needs a pop of color.

#6. Curved Half Shape


Image source: Pinterest

Designs with straight lines look quite boring on nails, which have a natural curvature. Adding curved half-shapes that go along the curvature has a much more trendy and free-spirited feel.

Avoid straight lines and designs with sharp edges and add some swirls for a girly, flirty look!

#7. White Stripes


Image source: Pinterest

Want to keep it really simple? The way black or white stripes contrast the color of your clear nails is an art by itself. It’s an effortless design to achieve and maintain regularly. All you have to do is paint a stripe down the middle, or in whichever way you like.

#8. Flower


Image source: Pinterest

Are you the kind of person that’s inspired more by nature? Adding flowers to your nail design will give you a look you can feel proud to wear. This design also has a number of relaxing elements to it.

#9. Geometric Shapes


Image source: Pinterest

Incorporating complex geometric patterns and shapes into your nail design requires tremendous skill and the ability to make excellent use of space. These designs are instantly eye-catching and modern but can have a somber tone to them unless you color them up. Try not to go too Picasso though.

#10. Transparent Pink


Image source: Pinterest

The natural pink color of your nails is the most beautiful color. This design aims to retain your natural colors but present the entire gradient from pink to white. It will give your nails a translucent and much more pleasing look.

#11. Clear 3D Nails


Image source: Pinterest

Nothing says current like 3D art. If you’re looking for a design that’s very out there, 3D art gives you many exciting options to choose from. The effects nail artists can create today are simply amazing.

#12. Clear Nails with Silver Butterflies


Image source: Pinterest

Did you know that, in England, the white or silver butterfly symbolizes dead spirits as well as immortality? This design has a depth only a few people will ever understand. It’s a complicated design that takes time to create but is worth the investment.

#13. Ombre Clear


Image source: Pinterest

This is one of the most original designs on this list. It’s gaining traction among nail artists but very slowly, so if you get this design now you’ll be one of the pioneers. The design is simple but catchy. It blends an opaque white with a lighter color. Pink is a good option, but feel free to get more creative if you can.

#14. Nude And White With Clear Nails


Image source: Pinterest

Nails don’t look all that bad on their own, to be honest. This design aims to bring out the beauty of your natural nail colors by modifying them a bit for perfection. This means smooth edges, clearer contrasts, and perhaps some curved lines too. Overall, it’s a very natural look and easy to achieve.

#15. Clear Glass Nails


Image source: Pinterest

Clear glass nails are one of the most modern nail designs you can get. It pretty much makes your nails look like they’re made of glass. This design is incredibly catchy and perfect if attention is what you seek. Don’t want people to miss your nails? Just paint them like glass.

You may need to go to a specialist salon to get this design. It’s a very Cinderella-esque look!

Janet is a post-doctoral research candidate working as a freelance writer. She also moonlights as a doodle artist and wishes to publish her own comic book inspired by her life story one day.