• January 20, 2022

Every child loves presents, but how can you be sure to buy a gift your child will love? Every year when Christmastime rolls around, parents, family members, and friends struggle to find great toys for the children in their lives. Here are 25 cool kid gift ideas to ease that struggle.

What Makes a Good Gift for a Kid?


There are several things to keep in mind when buying a gift for a child. For their safety, consider the recipient’s age and developmental level. It’s also wise to consider the child’s unique interests and what their parent or guardian will approve. Generally, the most practical gifts encourage education and have a long lifespan.

25 Cool Gifts for Kids

1) Crazy Forts

Crazy Forts 

Image source: Pinterest

A blanket fort construction set, this toy sparks imagination and is fun for the entire family. Okay, for ages 5+, it is 47 dollars on Amazon.

2) Busy Buggy

Busy Buggy

Image source: Pinterest

Both a ride-on and a push toy, the Busy Buggy helps young toddlers sharpen their coordination skills. Approved for those as young as one, find this engaging toy on Amazon for 42 dollars.

3) Coding Robot

Coding Robot

Image source: Pinterest

STEM learning, especially coding, is a skill that is more and more in demand. This coding robot helps toddlers learn to code at an early age (7+). Check it out on Amazon for 45 dollars.

4) KidiZoom Creator Cam

Creator Cam

Image source: Pinterest

Perfect for any future cinematographer, this interactive camera encourages children to use their creativity and vision to create videos. For additional safety, the camera cannot connect to the internet by itself. It’s around 50 dollars and great for those as young as five.

5) Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog


Image source: Pinterest

A simple toy, but it is great fun for toddlers 18 months. Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog works fine motor coordination and is only 15 dollars on Amazon.

6) Augmented Reality Globe


Image source: Pinterest

Learning about the world around them is a crucial portion of any youngsters’ education. Not your childhood globe, the augmented reality globe links to an interactive app that takes children on different learning adventures. Approved for ages 4+, find the Augmented Reality Globe on Amazon for about 55 dollars.

7) GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope


Image source: Pinterest

Unlike any microscope you’ve ever seen, the GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope introduces children to wildlife and even has a quiz mode to test retention. Best of all, Bindi Irwin of the Australia Zoo voices the microscope’s facts. Okay, for young learners ages three and up, the microscope is 34 dollars on Amazon.

8) Create Light-Up 3D Kit

3D Kit

Image source: Pinterest

This kit allows children 8+ to experiment with their creativity and make illuminated creations with LED lights and plastic tiles. Available in many different themes, it’s perfect for kids of all interests. One of the cheapest on this list, you can find it on Amazon for about 10 dollars.

9) Boost Creative Toolbox


Image source: Pinterest

Another gift guaranteed to peak any child’s creativity, the Boost Creative Toolbox promotes STEM learning. With a focus on robotics, children can learn to build, code, and program through their work on multiple projects. Approved for children seven and older, it is one of the costlier items on this list at about 150 dollars on Amazon.

10) Kids Global Adventure Cooking Kit

Cooking Kit

Image source: Pinterest

This cooking kit teaches children life skills in the kitchen and simultaneously teaches diversity, acceptance, and about different cultures. The box is fully packed, containing collectibles, pins, a passport, stickers, and recipes alongside shopping lists.

The kit even has vegetarian options for each of the nine offered countries. It is recommended for ages 4-12, and each country kit costs $25 on Uncommon Goods.

11) Kano Star Wars Coding Kit

Coding Kit

Image source: Pinterest

The Kano Star Wars coding kit is the first toy on this list better suited for teens. Moreover, it is perfect for Star Wars fanatics. Check it out on Amazon for just under 30 dollars.

12) Doodle Crate

Doodle Crate

Image source: Pinterest

The first subscription box on this list, Doodle Crate from KiwiCo, is a monthly craft sure to engage your child’s artistic and creative abilities. With crate options available for any age, boxes start at 16.95 dollars a month.

13) Creation Crate

 Creation Crate

Image source: Pinterest

Another excellent subscription box is the Creation Crate from Crate Joy. However, this crate focuses less on creativity through the fine arts and more on creative STEM learning. For about 30 dollars a month, the box teaches children ages 12+ everything from circuitry to robotics and coding.

14) The Original BUDDHA BOARD Art Set

Art Set

Image source: Pinterest

The buddha board is an excellent gift option for teenage artists and possibly the least messy “canvas.” Simply paint the Buddha Board with water, and when the sketch fades away, repaint a new one. Find it on Amazon for about 38 dollars.

15) Sudotack Mic Kit for Recording and Streaming

Mic Kit

Image source: Pinterest

Perfect for any teenage musician, podcaster, or streamer, a Sudotack Mic can take their hobby to the next level. With a USB port, it even connects directly to your teen’s laptop, unlike most mics that require a separate, often expensive interface. The Sudotack Mic Kit is listed on Amazon for around $40.

16) Amazon Kindle Kids Edition


Image source: Pinterest

Books are an incredible gift for any age. The Amazon Kindle Kids Edition is a gift that continues to give. Along with a protective cover, it comes with a year’s worth of free, unlimited access to thousands of children’s books. Get it from Amazon for around 85 dollars.

17) Slackers Ninja line

Ninja line

Image source: Pinterest

One of the first physical activity-inducing toys on our list, this gift is great for all the energetic, kinesthetic learners out there. Great for ages 5-8, with seven hanging attachments, this kit encourages kids to train like Ninja warriors. Check it out at Amazon for around 90 dollars.

18) ThinkFun Gravity Maze


Image source: Pinterest

Not your middle school marble maze, the ThinkFun Gravity Maze is a mixture of marbles, mazes, and gravity. In addition to providing great fun, the gravity maze helps children develop their visual perception and reasoning skills. It’s available on Amazon for ages 8+ and just under 15 dollars.

19) Grandparent Pen Pal Set

Pen Pal Set

Image source: Pinterest

A unique gift that encourages written creativity and empathetic thinking, the grandparent pen pal set is perfect for the uncertainty of today’s world. Including thought-inducing prompts, lists, and activities, this is a gift that truly keeps on giving. Find it on Uncommon Goods for around 30 dollars.

20) Lulu Jr. Illustory Bookmaking Kit

Bookmaking Kit

Image source: Pinterest

An excellent choice for future authors, the Lulu Jr. Illustory Bookmaking Kit is a fantastic gift for any child that loves to write. The kit even includes an “about the author” page. Find it on Amazon for about 24 dollars.

21) Kidwinz Shock Proof Binoculars


Image source: Pinterest

It seems that children nowadays are always glued to a screen. The Kidwinz Shock Proof Binoculars encourage them to unplug and explore the great outdoors. For ages 3+, find these binoculars on Amazon for about 24 dollars.

22) Zing Klikbot Zanimation Studio

Zanimation Studio

Image source: Amazon.com

Any kid who loves creating videos will love the Zing Stikbot Action Figure Studio. A simple green screen and poseable figurines teach children how to make stop-action films. Appropriate for children six and up, get it from Amazon for around 33 dollars.

23) Raddish Kids Cooking Club

Cooking Club

Image source: Pinterest

This monthly subscription box teaches children how to maneuver in the kitchen, a life skill often overlooked in school. Including recipes and tools, this cooking club membership teaches independence. Find it on Amazon for only 24 dollars a month.

24) Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller


Image source: Pinterest

Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller encourages children to use their imaginations to craft their own oral stories. The storyteller generates a setting and characters to give your child’s imagination a boost. It is available on Amazon for ages three and up for around 70 dollars.

25) Melissa and Doug Shape-Sorting Cube

Shape-Sorting Cube

Image source: Pinterest

The simplest toy on this list, the Melissa and Doug Shape-Sorting Cube, is a perfect toddler toy for any child 24 months. A classic wooden toy, and early developmental matching game, check it out on Amazon for around 12 dollars.

Shopping Tips

When shopping for children, always be sure to read labels and keep safety in mind. Steer clear of toys with loud audio, projectiles, and those constructed with flimsy plastic or poor handiwork.

Be even more careful when buying crib toys, and check that electronic toys are UL approved. Additionally, avoid purchasing chemistry sets for children under 12. When all else fails, a good, age-appropriate book is always a fantastic gift.

Janet is a post-doctoral research candidate working as a freelance writer. She also moonlights as a doodle artist and wishes to publish her own comic book inspired by her life story one day.