• January 20, 2022

Being able to laugh together is an important part of any relationship. So when romance seems to falter, some silliness and humor can help bring a couple closer and maintain longevity.

So whether your boyfriend is not paying enough attention to you or you’re just a couple that loves pranking each other, a healthy and entertaining prank can go a long way in adding some spark to your love life. Here are 10 hilarious and entertaining pranks to do on your boyfriend that he’ll never see coming.

10 Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend

#1. Car Crash

Firstly, full disclosure, faking a car crash is a risky prank that will require some nuance to pull off. If not carried out correctly, this prank can be a relationship or trust breaker.

Do not fake a car crash over text. This will cause your boyfriend to panic and either rush out to where you are or call an emergency line. Instead, call him up on his cell phone to tell him about the car crash and try to sound a bit delirious to help sell it. Once you’ve had your fill of his reactions, you can tell him it’s just a prank so he can stop worrying.

#2. I Am Bald!

There are two ways you can go about doing this prank.

First, you could use a special photo filter that makes it seem like you’re bald. Click a picture and send it to your boyfriend telling him that you decided to go bald. It may require some additional editing but make sure the picture is fool-proof.

Another way is to purchase a bald cap that perfectly matches the color of your skin and fits your head. This is probably a better idea because you get to see the reaction in person.

#3. Getting A Fake Tattoo

Tattoos aren’t normally something any boyfriend would get worked up over, unless it’s a particularly flashy or offensive tattoo or involves another man. There are many stickers and sleeves that can help you fake a tattoo well enough to fool anyone who isn’t a tattoo expert.

But if you can’t get the sleeve or sticker, try using paint instead and make your own custom tattoo. If you include another man’s name, it should be enough to freak him out. Or you could get your boyfriend’s face fake-tattooed on your back or arm to really freak him out. Make sure whatever you pick as your fake tattoo is strongly unappealing to your boyfriend in some way.

#4. Change Your Boyfriend’s Ringtone To Something Quite Obnoxious

Here’s a safe practical joke for you to try out. Set your boyfriend’s ringtone to something incredibly distasteful or maybe even a bit offensive. Make sure you set the ringtone to only play when you call. Hopefully, getting access to his phone shouldn’t be too hard.

Once you’ve set the ringtone, all you have to do is wait for the right moment to call his phone. Perhaps when you’re with his friends or his parents. The surprise and embarrassment on his face when his phone starts ringing will be an epic rib-tickler for both of you to laugh about in the future.

#5. Fake Pregnancy Prank

There is nothing more frightening than finding out your girlfriend is unexpectedly pregnant. Fake pregnancy is an easy prank to play, and here’s how you should go about it.

Pick a time when you and your boyfriend are in a good mood and alone on the couch or in bed. Start a conversation and casually slip in that you missed your period since the last time you had sex. If that’s not enough to freak him out, go one step beyond and tell him you tested positive. The reaction will be priceless.

Another way to do this is over text. Send him a picture of a positive pregnancy test, and ignore his following messages and calls for a while. But not for too long.

#6. Fake A Hickey

You can give yourself a fake hickey using paint or a water bottle if you can handle the pain. Fake hickeys are a risky prank, so make sure you’re in a good place in your relationship before doing this.

Unless you have already earned his trust, it’s probably best not to play this prank because you may have a hard time convincing him that the hickey is fake.

#7. No Toilet Paper

Taking the toilet paper away can be a rather dubious practical joke to play on someone, but it’s unequivocally hilarious. This prank will really test your boyfriend’s patience. Running out of toilet paper when you’re in the middle of your business can be incredibly frustrating.

#8. Did You Cheat On Me?

Here’s a prank your boyfriend will probably remember for a long time. Pretend that you’ve somehow discovered that your boyfriend cheated on you. Carrying out this prank effectively might require some Oscar-worthy acting skills. If you can fake a tear or two, that would be great.

Be hysterical and upset as he tries to calm you down or convince you he hasn’t cheated on you. Now, remember, this is a prank you don’t want to take too far. So if things start to escalate, just end the prank. A potential benefit of this prank is that if your boyfriend is actually cheating on you, it may unexpectedly surface in the form of an apology.

#9. Creepy-Crawly Prank

“Creepy-Crawly” is an informal term used to describe the most unpleasant-looking insects, worms, and spiders. You can purchase all kinds of fake creepy crawlies online or at a prank store.

Sneak some fake creepy crawlies into his food, fridge, drawer, or other spaces in the house he frequently accesses and stand by for his hilarious reaction. It’s a funny prank, but if your boyfriend is an entomophobe or arachnophobe, don’t do it. That could have some really bad consequences.

#10. Egg At The Mouth Of The Water Bottle Prank

The water bottle egg prank is a harmless and funny prank that you can play on anyone. It’s a very unsuspecting prank, so your boyfriend will likely fall for it.

Take an egg and place it on top of an open water bottle that’s filled to the brim. Pretend that you’re showing him a magic trick where you hide the egg inside the water. Use sleight of hand to make it seem like you pushed the egg into the bottle. Tell him that the egg is in the bottle and when he tries to peer inside, squirt the bottle into his face!

Janet is a post-doctoral research candidate working as a freelance writer. She also moonlights as a doodle artist and wishes to publish her own comic book inspired by her life story one day.