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Guy Kawasaki

Entrepreneur, author, and columnist
Commencement Speech at Babson College, 2000

"Happiness is temporary and fleeting... Joy is the right goal."

Top Ten List: So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?

10. Embrace the unknown.

9. Don't ask people to do something that you wouldn't do.

8. Focus on implementation.

7. Don't be paranoid.

6. Pursue entrepreneurship for the right reasons.

...Happiness is temporary and fleeting. It should not be the goal of entrepreneurship.

Joy is the right goal. Joy, by contrast, is unpredictable. It comes from pursuing interests and passions that do not "obviously" result in happiness. It comes from building a great team, from family, from friends and inexpensive if not free things.

5. Continue to learn.

4. Be brief.

3. Obey the absolutes.

2. Play to win.
Play to win and don't let the bozos convince you to do anything less. Indeed, the more bozos tell you that you can't succeed, the more you may be on to something.

Playing to win is one of the finest things you can do. It enables you to fulfill your potential. It enables you to improve the world and, conveniently, develop high expectations for everyone else too.

And what if you lose? Just make sure you lose while trying something grand .

1. Enjoy your family, friends, and colleagues before they are gone.

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Babson College
Babson Park, MA
May 20, 2000

Posted on: 09.22.2007

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